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Wojcik BE, Dermody JJ, Ozer HL, Mun B, Mathews CK: Temperature-sensitive DNA mutant of Chinese hamster ovary cells with a thermolabile ribonucleotide reductase activity., Mol Cell Biol, 1990

Value 423
Dimension pmol/106 cell
Error Error not provided.
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Source organism Chinese hamster (Cricetulus griseus)
Taxonomy 10029
Sample source cell line
Cell line/type as in publication 3B2R1 (JB3-B revertant cell line)
Compartment whole cell
Experiment Details
Measurement type dNTP incorporation assay
Extraction method methanol
Remarks to measurement type Two-step extraction by North et al modified: 5% trichloroacetic acid was used in place of 5% perchloric acid, acid extracts were neutralized with tri-N-octylamine as in Garret and Santi.
Growth conditions Cell line in which the unknown temperature sensitive mutation of JB3-B is reverted back. Shows no DNA replication defect upon thermal shift from 33 C to 39 C. Cultured similarly to JB3-B.
There was no treatment in this experiment.
Genes and Proteins
No genes or proteins manipulated.